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I’m Ryan Turner. If you are looking for me.. Skip the bull and click.

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Hopefully I’m the Ryan you are looking for. Here is a bit about me personally and professionally. Feel free to reach out if I can be of service.

Ever try explain yourself in bar chart form?

No? Well, I gave it a try and found out that its hard to do, uncomfortable, yet strangely useful.

Professional Breakdown

  • Product Management and Software Marketplace design 80%
  • Mobile Software – Technologies (Android and iOS) 75%
  • Software Development, Team Management, Outsourcing 65%
  • User Interface and User Experience 65%
  • Internet Marketing – PPC, Organic and Social 55%

Personal Breakdown

  • Husband of 16 years 65%
  • Dad to three 75%
  • Friend 45%
  • Soccer Coach 45%
  • Woodworker 25%

My Instagram

I try and keep family and friends up to date with Instagram.

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