SEO / SEM Strategy

The lifeblood of a product is users. Without them the product cannot live. Search Engines are often the largest source of traffic. Any product person who does public facing projects better know a think or two on this topic.

Organic Traffic is the life blood of most online properties. Today organic traffic is owned by Google. They set the rules of the game and they play on their turf.

... yadda yadda.. you know this.

I'll skip ahead. There is NO magic trick. There is no secret sauce. There simply isn't. The game is continually changing and the companies success are the ones that have a holistic strategy that continually gets evaluated.

Elements of a holistic SEO/SEM Strategy

  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising goals and relationship
  • Social Engagement
  • On Site Optimization
  • Mobile Performance - Now called Core Web Vitals
  • Desktop Performance treated differently in Google
  • Micro Data
  • Business Data (Google My Business Management)

Each of these elements effects your Search Engine Rank Position on Google (SERP) and they effect one another. There is no.. ONE element that you can care about. You need to be looking at them all. Metrics, measurement and analysis are key.

A holistic search engine marketing strategy is the key

There are however tricks of the trade in each of these areas. To give an example - utilizing user generated content in the form of reviews, comments, stories - can be an important part of a Content Creation strategy. Another would be - implementing a caching strategy can massively improve your page delivery speeds which will in-turn made your Core Web Vital scores improve and improve your SERP. There are DOZENS of these elements and aspects.

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