Website Tag Management is for Marketers, Not Nerds

May 14, 2021

If you have any involvement in your company's website you need to know what tag management can do for you and you are going to want access.

Here is a quick video, no edits, no cuts and no bull. You're busy so am I. Lets get to it. This is aimed at a marketer or a non technical product manager.

What is Tag Management?

Every page of a website / webapp has a slew of "tags" on it. These tags are generally <script> or <link> tags that include functionality to your pages. Did I lose you already?  Lets get you some real world examples. This is not a how to use video of Google Tag Manager - but that has been requested as well.

Example Tags

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Conversion
  • Facebook Pixel
  • SnapChat Pixel
  • TikTok Pixel
  • Live Chat
  • HotJar
  • Surveys

You know what developers hate? A marketer telling them what code to paste into their source code. You know what they hate worse? You continually changing your mind and making them tweak things again and again for you. God forbid that you're the type of person that makes everything an emergency. (shout-out to my devs)

Whats a Tag Manager?

Easy. An online tool that provides a user interface for managing tag on your site. Google Tag Manager is awesome and its free, but there are amazing paid options out there. (Tealium is popuar)

What are the benefits?

Why should you even care? In no particular order...

Agility is King!

The ability to test and implement 3rd party tools in minutes is amazing. Want to see how a live chat provider looks and operates on your own site? Boom Done. Sign up for a free trial, test something out on your site in a preview mode and move on. Quickly allowing you to compare and make a more educated decision before messing with your developers.

Preview and Environments

Built right in these tools you can preview changes as well as deploy to environments. So you can test to your hearts content. If you don't feel comfortable with this kinda powa, then you're a smart person. No worries though you can have a developer review and publish your changes with a click.

Analytics and Decisions

Need to track something specific to make a better product decision. Then start tracking it - like right now. Not in a few days or a few weeks. Like now in just a few minutes. Tag Manager make most events easy to implement.