01. WHO I AM

A battle hardened entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in all things mobile and web.  Surrounded by amazing people - I’ve co founded companies, built products I’m proud of and then sold these companies.  Today I find great joy in helping companies find innovative solutions to tough problems.

02. wHAT I DO

The whole enchilada.

Thats products from conceptualization, design, development and then to market.  Don't forget the guac!

With expertise in all areas of a product lifecycle - I am of incredible value in fast moving companies and startups.  Continually pushing to improve my craft and bring out the best in my teams - I truly love what I do.

Check out my services below and see get in touch if you want to know more.


04. How does this work?

It all starts with an intro meeting. These are about 30 minutes long, I hear what you do and you hear what I do. We see if there is a fit. If so, we schedule another meeting and I roll up my sleeves. If there isn't a fit - no worries - you just got added to my awesome person list anyway ;).

Nine times out of ten I have someone in my network that can help you if I can't.


I do all of this on short/long term contracts. The rate simply depends on your level of commitment and the work type. Contact me to find out more pricing.